jetlite & Lufthansa: Human Centric Lighting To Reduce Jet Lag

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Since February 2017, the jetlite lighting solution is successfully flying in the Lufthansa Airbus A350-900. Lufthansa is the first airline worldwide to use a range of different settings for the on-board lighting of the A350-900 which are designed to fit with the day and night-time biorhythms of their passengers. Most of the passengers who have ever traveled across a number of time zones know the problem - your body clock gets out of sync. With the introduction of Lufthansa's new A350-900, it is now possible to adapt to the biorhythms of passengers by providing the right type of light at the right time. Warm light for relaxation is supplied during periods of rest, whereas cooler light provides stimulation for more active phases.

The integration of the innovative lighting solution in the Lufthansa A350-900 took place in the Airbus "Customer Definition Centre" cabin development facility in Hamburg, in collaboration with airline representatives. 

The renowned lighting planners from Kardorff Ingenieure in Berlin were responsible for the execution of the exact design, whilst Dr. Achim Leder from jetlite provided the scientifically-proven concept. 

Lufthansa currently follows the installation of the Human Centric Lighting design in its new A350 fleet by retrofitting it in its Boeing 747-8 fleet.

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