Lighting to enhance well-being

Human Centric Lighting supports health, well-being and performance of humans by combining visual, biological and emotional benefits of light.

Sleep can be improved by providing dynamic lighting to support your body's natural hormone production. Moreover, Human Centric Lighting helps to maintain proper circadian rhythm. Blue-rich light during the day supports you to stay active and productive, while warm light with a higher red component at night makes you ready to go to sleep.


in diverse industries.

jetlite provides holistic and scientifically-proven Human Centric Lighting solutions to increase individual well-being in diverse industries. As every person is different, personalization is essential to achieve the best possible effect. jetlite therefore tailors the lighting to individual needs, preferences and sleeping patterns. Some use cases are described in the following.


​Human Centric Lighting can be used in vehicles in order to increase the energy level, mood and attentiveness of the driver or passenger, so that he or she arrives fit and activated at the destination.


Human Centric Lighting in the vehicles as well as in lounges and at bus or train stops can support to relax or activate passengers at the optimal time.


Personalized Human Centric Lighting implemented in the ship suites that is tailored to the needs and preferences of each guest can support to sleep well and make the most of the holiday.


​The use of Human Centric Lighting in offices aims to activate or relax employees at the optimal time, increase their productivity and performance  and create a pleasant work environment.


​Personalized Human Centric Lighting in the hotel rooms that is tailored to the needs of each guest (personal agenda, sleeping routines) can support to get a good night sleep and be fit and active the next day.


​Human Centric Lighting can be used as a medium of therapy for emotional distress by supporting the inner clock and increasing the well-being of patients.  


Vitalizing lighting concept for Porsche

jetlite and Porsche developed a unique prototype for vitalizing interior lighting. The prototype included a detailed concept for a chronobiological interior lighting in a Porsche Panamera 4S and an application through which the driver is able to control the interior lighting. The jetlite interior light increases the energy level, mood and attentiveness of the driver. 

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