Jetlag and the biological clock

Jetlag is a temporary disruption of the body's normal biological rhythms after high-speed air travel through several time zones. When going on a long-haul flight, passengers change from one time zone to another more quickly than the inner clock can adjust. Tiredness, dizziness, mood swings, gastro-intestinal problems or headaches are just a few common symptoms.

About jetlite

Using scientific research to enhance passenger health and wellbeing

More than 60% of all passengers on long-haul flights suffer from jetlag. After a flight over several time zones, the passenger's biological clock is clearly disturbed, with mostly far-reaching consequences.

Especially with ultra-long-haul flights becoming more common, jetlag is a topic that airlines seek to address. As airlines constantly aim to increase passenger comfort and wellbeing, jetlag reduction is a great way to contribute and differentiate from competition at the same time.

Our mission is to actively contribute to the reduction of jetlag, while increasing passenger health  and  wellbeing and helping airlines to distinguish from competition.

What we offer

jetlite offers a holistic and algorithm-based approach to increase the comfort of passengers over the whole passenger journey by mitigating jetlag through three key factors:

Cabin lighting solution

The jetlite-algorithm provides chrono-biologically improved lighting for aircraft & airports. It adapts the cabin lighting considering specific parameters. Highly-individualized lighting scenarios can be set to fit with the day and night-time biorhythms of the passengers to ensure that they arrive well-rested and with less jetlag. 

Customized nutrition concepts

jetlite has developed customized nutrition concepts for airline catering and airport services to complement the cabin lighting in order to mitigate jetlag. The key is to provide the right nutrients at the right time to either evoke sleep or activation.

App-based  recommendations

We are developing a smartphone application that calculates the ideal bedtime, light and nutrition for a passenger – days ahead of a flight based on destination and personal sleeping rhythms.

Benefits for airline & passenger.


  • Holistic concept to reduce jetlag
  • Increase of passenger satisfaction
  • Differentiation to competition
  • Marketingtool
  • Higher customer loyalty


  • Jetlag reduction
  • Increased passenger comfort throughout the whole passenger journey
  • Better sleep on board & higher activation at destination
  • More relaxed travel experience
  • Increased performance after arrival

The Scientific Research Behind Jetlite

Mock-up cabin with test subjects and jetlite lighting concept.

Flight simulations with Osram, Airbus, Diehl and Fraunhofer Institute

The idea for jetlite first came up in the context of Founder Achim Leder's PhD dissertation at Bergische Universität Wuppertal. Osram, Airbus and Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics were convinced by the research idea and agreed to become partners. The infrastructure for the comprehensive tests was provided by Diehl.

Comprehensive tests have been conducted where long-haul flights were simulated with subjects spending ten hours at a time, three times over, in a mock-up cabin. The test group was subject to lighting with a higher red level in the evening and higher blue level in the morning. The subjects then went through the same route with normal cabin lighting.

The results of the tests were clear. When exposed to normal cabin lighting, the subjects quickly experienced typical jetlag symptoms. After applying the jetlite lighting, though, they slept more quickly and deeply and were more wide awake at the simulated arrival. Building on this concept, the jetlite algorithm to calculate the optimal lighting program for various flight routes, has been developed.

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