Lighting to reduce jet lag

Human Centric Lighting supports health, well-being and performance of humans by combining visual, biological and emotional benefits of light. The circadian rhythm can also be supported by orienting the lighting solution to the natural course of daylight.

By providing the right type of light at the right time, it is possible to adapt the biorhythms of passengers to the destination time zone and therefore reduce jet lag. Warm light for relaxation is supplied during periods of rest, whereas cooler light provides stimulation for more active phases.


jetlite offers holistic and scientifically-proven solutions to reduce jet lag and increase passenger health and well-being along the entire passenger journey.

Human Centric Lighting Solutions

The core of our solutions is the jetlite algorithm  that provides chronobiologically improved lighting for aircraft & airports. Considering flight parameters, such as routes, directions and time zones, the jetlite algorithm yields lighting scenarios that reduce jet lag and increase overall passenger health and well-being.  

Anti Jet lag App

jetlite is developing an app that gives passengers recommendations how to behave best in pre-flight, flight and post-flight phases to reduce jet lag. Based on flight data as well as passenger information like travel purpose and chronoytpe, individual tips such as sleeping times, nutrition, light exposure, exercise or hydration are provided.

Nutrition Concepts

jetlite offers customized nutrition concepts for airline catering and airport services to complement Human Centric Lighting in order to mitigate jet lag and increase health and well-being. The key is to provide the right nutrients at the right time to either evoke sleep or activation.

Atmosphere: Sound, Smell, Temperature

For the best possible effect, a holistic approach to reduce jet lag and increase passenger health and well-being is essential. Therefore jetlite offers holistic solutions together with partners that enhance the cabin atmosphere and consider factors like sound, smell and temperature.


In the centre of jetlite's offering stands Human Centric Lighting. Based on the jetlite algorithm, jetlite is developing lighting innovations together with renowned industry partners.

jetlite controller 

jetlite and Silver Atena are developing the first stand-alone controller to fully automate the cabin lighting, based on jetlite’s Human Centric Lighting that enhances passenger well-being and reduces the effects of jet lag.

The cabin crew can start the entire lighting program easily with one click through a user-friendly interface on the Flight Attendant Panel (FAP). The program runs automatically throughout the rest of the flight, thereby drastically reducing the required work for flight attendants.

The jetlite controller ensures a standardization and harmonization of the cabin lighting quality across fleets and flight routes and is easily retrofittable as part of a routine A-check.


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lite2fix is a fastening cover that digitizes the cabin from manufacturer to passenger. It simplifies the installation of the cabin sidewall and provides new ways to illuminate the aircraft cabin. 

The customizable lighting system does not only enable jetlite’s Human Centric Lighting, but also the display of airline branding or passenger information during (de)boarding.


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jetlite in-seat lighting

The joint innovation concept aims to integrate the jetlite algorithm into RECARO’s business class seat. Human Centric Lighting can therefore be tailored to each passenger's needs.

The effectiveness of Human Centric Lighting is maximized through individualization by considering factors like a passenger’s chronotype or travel objective.


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