Today's society is increasingly shaped by a non-stop 24-hour rhythm that can lead to high levels of stress for individuals. This does not only disturb people's sleep-wake cycle as their inner clock gets out of sync, but it also has a proven impact on performance and well-being.

Moreover, with the increasing number of international air travel, jet lag is a common phenomenon. After a flight over several time zones, the passenger's inner clock is clearly disturbed, with mostly far-reaching consequences.

jetlite aims to provide a remedy and has developed holistic and scientifically-proven solutions to reduce jet lag and increase overall health and well-being. The focus lies on Human Centric Lighting solutions in the aviation industry.



Light is more than what you see.


Human Centric Lighting supports health, well-being and performance of humans by combining visual, biological and emotional benefits of light. Light does not only enable us to see, it affects what we do and how we feel. Our brain uses the information that light provides to energize us, to relax us and even to determine our moods, which can significantly impact our productivity. It can improve concentration and increase efficiency in workplaces. 


The passenger's inner clock can be supported by orienting the lighting solution to the natural course of daylight. By providing the right type of light at the right time, it is even possible to adapt the biorhythms of air travel passengers to the destination time zone and therefore reduce jet lag.
Warm light for relaxation is supplied during periods of rest, whereas cooler light provides stimulation for more active phases.




Meet jetlite @ APEX Expo in Los Angeles (10th-12th Sept) at booth 1562!

RECARO and jetlite present individualized Human Centric Lighting in Business Class

Silver Atena & jetlite present the "jetlite controller" to automate the cabin lighting

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